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LX1 Bias Lighting

Introducing LX1

Accurate and affordable
Bias Lights for everyone

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You won't find more accurate bias lights at this price


Take your TV to the next level with LX1 Bias Lights.

LX1 Bias Lights were designed to enhance your TV’s color and contrast, bringing you the best picture that your TV can produce, while reducing eye strain and providing a calibrated white point reference to preserve image accuracy.

Featuring 6500K (video white) LEDs with an impressive color rendering index (CRI) of 95, the LX1 bias light was designed by home cinema lighting experts to make your TV look its best.

Pair the LX1 with an LX1 dimmer (sold separately), to create a complete bias lighting system.


  • ISF-certified, accurate 6500K ColorGrade LX1 LEDs
  • CRI 95
  • 350 Lumens
  • Connects via USB 3.0 (lengths shorter than 4m work via USB 2.0)
  • Compatible with USB or DC adapter-based dimmers (dimmer sold separately). 
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty